Typographic icons and bugs created for an immersive, 360° interactive website.

The site centered around Kodak's PixPro 360 camera, featuring a panoramic website and content created by the end users. The content was sorted into four persona’s: the Adventurer, Wanderer, Enthusiast & Visionary. I was tasked with designing icons to denote each section of the website, as well as smaller bugs for the menu nav.

Keeping the first letters as the anchor for each icon and playing off the tagline “Take a look around,” (plus a little inspiration from Picasso) I thought of each icon as the same subject being viewed from many different angles and assembled together. I then paired each letter with a symbol that represented its persona and wove those elements in to each icon.

For the thrill seeking Adventurer, a navigational star/compass rose; the nomadic Wanderer, a leaf on the wind; the passionate Enthusiast, a flame; and the experimental Visionary, interlocking cogs.


Logo Design: Jackie Whisler
Website Design: Sarah Allen
Copywriting: Scott Chavez
Creative Director: Brian Desautel
Agency: The Buddy Group
Client: Kodak